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We are an information technology consulting firm. We started business in 2006, incorporated in 2008 and re-branded in 2016, we have over 13 years of practical experience in the provision of I.T solutions & services to all sectors of the society.

At HUTSOFT, our simple mission is to provide our clients with the most effective and dependable solutions within available resources.

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Why us & why we started ...

The transition from what the customer thinks he wants to what the customer knows he need has come of age.

This has necessitated for the need to close the gap which many generic approach & systems couldn’t.

Our custom/bespoke application deployment approach was born to close this gap while providing world class application for any domestic segment.

Our extraordinary success in IT, business and knowlegde transfer can be attributed to our perseverance to overcome challenges & liabilities, and our desire to constantly become better.

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Contemporary Technologies

Reliable Services

Professional Teams

Have a look at our professional services and other expertise:

Desktop Application Devt.

For over 15 years, we've been developing & deploying desktop application and also integration to other API's & SDK's.

Mobile Application Devt.

We are professional developers of mobile applications that targets and runs on android, iOS and windows mobile devices.

Cloud Application Devt.

With the speed systems are being move to the cloud, HUTSOFT Technologies is also at the forefront of cloud systems devts.

Biometrics & NFC Systems

We're also proficient in integrating fingerprints and iris functionalities into the desktop, mobile and cloud apps for security and verification systems.

Local & International Trainings

HUTSOFT is both locally and internatinally networked and we can and do provide trainings and capacity building in virtually any part of the world.

Database Admin & Data Mining

As data is the new most valuable resource, we help you tap, mine and administer your data to reap the most out of it while providing tools to sustain it.

I.T Consultancy Services

Our years of experience in the information technology sector has equipped us to provide directions and advice on how best to automate systems and deploy such.

Infomation System Audit

Our team of certified information system auditors do provide a top notch IS audit aimed at unravelling and curtailing issues before they occur.

ePayment Integration

We're partners to some of the major ePayment gateways (Interswitch, REMITA & NIBSS) and equipped to provide smooth integration with platforms.

Our Service Delivery Efficiency Targets

For every project we embark on at HUTSOFT, our mission is to provide our clients with the most effective, dependable and timely solution within available resources. Our team of professionals are equipped with the requisite know-how to solving our client’s problem with the highest level of professionalism.

Business Process Analysis & System Devt. Consulting
Desktop, Cloud & Mobile Applications Development
Trainings & Capacity Building

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Suite FF7(1G), Ahmed Talib House(NNDC Building), 18/19 Ahmadu Bello Way, Kaduna - Kaduna State - Nigeria.